Accomplishments and Vision

“We have worked hard to make our town more fiscally responsible, saved hundreds of thousands in tax dollars by cutting unnecessary spending, focused on improving public safety through efforts such as building a much-needed new fire station, and worked to ease the traffic headaches faced by everyone in our town by adding over $550 million worth of road and infrastructure improvements. And, we’ve accomplished all of this without increasing taxes.”       — Dan


  • Established Huntersville Ordiance Advisory Board, leading to the elimination of several unnecessary and overly burdensome ordinances.
  • Utilized the town’s fund balance to accelerate road projects such as improvements to Gilead Road between McCoy Road and Wynfield Creek Pkwy.
  • Served as the Town Commission’s Public Safety Liaison, improving the town board’s relationship with our police and fire departments and the North Mecklenburg Rescue Squad.
  • Began construction on a much-needed new fire station.
  • Sold the town-owned Anchor Mill property for $1.3 Million.
  • Cancelled plans to spend over $1 Million on an “events center”.
  • Managed debt and cash for capital improvement projects, saving taxpayers almost $600,000 in yearly interest payments.
  • Reduced Town Manager’s recommended FY2017 budget by $300,000 and deposited savings in the fund balance to be used to improve the town’s infrastructure.
  • Passed FY2018 Budget with NO tax or fee increases.
  • Represented Huntersville at the 2019 Ocular Melanoma Conference.

Vision for the Future:

 Continuing to Make Our Town Government More Fiscally Responsible:  Over the last four years, our mayor, our town commission, and our town staff have worked hard to cut waste and have saved hundreds of thousands in tax dollars.  Over the next two years I will continue to push for further savings and continued fiscal responsibility. I will always be looking for ways to save our tax dollars.

Continue Promoting Economic Development and Job Growth: We have made great strides to make Huntersville more business-friendly, such as establishing the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board and the Pre-Development Board. We must continue to look at ways to encourage more economic development and job growth including keeping taxes low, ensuring our town provides the infrastructure businesses need,  and making sure we don’t over burden businesses and industries with needless regulations.

Address Traffic Challenges: We continue to look for solutions to the many traffic challenges we face, including the use of our fund balance to accelerate road projects and altering our Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) ordinance to allow for larger road improvement projects from developers. However, our road problems only seem to be getting worse. Over the next two years, I will push for continued town investment in road projects, further changes to our Traffic Impact Analysis ordinance, more regional cooperation on transportation issues and a better relationship with the NCDOT as ways to improve our roads and ease some of our traffic problems. I will also continue to fight against tolls on I-77 as we look for better solutions.

Promote Public Safety:  As commissioner, it’s been my pleasure to serve as the Town’s Public Safety Liaison working with our Police and Fire Department to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to keep all of us safe.  As our town and region continue to grow, I will focus on ensuring their needs continue to be met and that public safety remains a top priority for our town.

I am excited to continue serving my town and to take on the challenges we face as a growing community!